Welcome to M&M Medical Transportation
Monday – Friday, 8am to 6pm.
What We Do

M&M Medical Transportation provides non-emergency medical transportation to clients requiring assistance due to injury, illness, or disability. We specialize in door-to-door delivery of our clients to their medical appointments, but also transport to non-medically related outings such as shopping trips, airport pickup and drop-offs, and family get-togethers Also by providing careful assessments, comprehensive care management, and responsible network development and oversight, M&M improves health outcomes, removes community barriers, and promotes independence.

How We Do It

Our fleet size is one of the largest in the region. All of our vans are dispatched using customized software to ensure a timely schedule. Our drivers are constantly on the move; one driver may drop you off and another may pick you up. We leave a business card with you to call us when you are ready.

Service Rates
*$15 surcharge to pick up oxygen portable for hospital discharges
*If you have a Medicaid or insurance benefit that you believe will pay for your transport, you will need to contact your local broker to schedule the ride. We cannot book rides directly; it has to go through either the Medicaid or insurance broker. We can only schedule rides privately, and payment is due at time of service.
Advanced Notification
Generally, 24-hour notice is expected and appreciated. More than likely we will still be able to meet your requests, but the further in advance we know the easier it is for us to guarantee service.
Our Mission

M&M is a healthcare and transportation management company whose mission is to partner with clients in developing innovative solutions for accessing healthcare, increasing independence, and connecting community resources in the most cost-effective manner. To achieve this, we leverage our core competencies in managing customer service operations and building provider networks.

Our Commitment to the Environment and Sustainability

Climate change, our environment, and sustainability efforts are growing topics of concern for many concerned Americans and businesses. At M&M, we are taking our own steps to reduce our carbon footprint and make a positive impact on our industry. Our Climate Impact Statement reflects our commitment to leading change.


Safety is the number one priority within our company! Driver scorecard reports and cell phone restriction ensure our drivers put the safety first of your loved one and the other drivers on the road.

Safety should be the number one priority with any business, and we are no different. Our software provides us with Driver Safety Scorecard Reports that identify aggressive driving behaviors such as speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and sudden cornering and ranks drivers based on their performance on these key behaviors.

Tires matter! As the first snow starts to fall in the Inland Northwest, we replace our all-season tires with snow tires. We want our drivers and customers to find comfort in knowing we have invested in their safety. Is this standard in the industry? You should ask this to our competition the next time you are calling for price quotes.

M&M Medical Transportation Vans

Our vans models that have been fully modified to accomodate up to two wheelchairs. With the client in mind, our rear entry loaded vans allow for less maneuvering once inside the vehicle and easier parking at hospitals and medical facilities– which can often be tough. Street parking, standard parking lots, and loading and unloading under hospital and facility awnings is a breeze!

Family or friends want to ride along? Not a problem. We offer two second-row seats that fold down and a front seat for ambulatory passengers.
Request a Ride

Being confined to a wheelchair does not mean you have to be confined to your home. Our van service can take you wherever it is you want to go.